Gettysburg, PA

Project Type
Historically Sensitive Renovation

Sherfy House

The Sherfy House, built in 1843, inhabits the serene landscape of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It is the Gettysburg Battlefield location, and not the structure itself, which is most historically notable. The house was a part of the landscape during the battle in 1863, and still bears bullet-holes.

A number of past renovations had changed its original floor plan and finishes. The objective was to stabilize the structure and to return it, in spirit and attitude, to the mid-1800s.

The kitchen and baths have been sensitively updated to accommodate modern visitors and inhabitants. Through care and craftsmanship, new mouldings, fixtures, and appliances were integrated with simple, period furnishings.

LSC professionals worked closely with craftsmen coordinating construction, interior and exterior renovations, window replacement, and also cooperated with a team of consultants to choose authentic color palettes and furnishings.

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