York, PA

Project Type
New Municipal Office Building Complex

Office: 30,000 sf
Storage: 27,000 sf
Service: 9,200 sf



York Township Municipal Complex

The concept behind the York Township Municipal Complex was to suggest a timeline. Its components were constructed concurrently, but a casual observer might perceive it as though simple “outbuildings”, from an earlier time and purpose, have been converted and updated for its present function. The main office building is discernible as three structures, which have been subsequently joined by a modern glass circulation core.

All of the structures, which include the office building, as well as a vehicle storage building and a vehicle service building, borrow aspects of their appearances from farm buildings. The main structures are clad in no-frills materials, like masonry and metal panel. Cupolas on the sloped roofs, common as ventilation devices in barns, bring natural light to the cores of new buildings.

The cupolas are an example of some of the eco-friendly features incorporated by the design team. Bringing natural light into the buildings not only reduces electricity consumption, but has been shown to increase the morale and productivity of office workers.

Architects and Engineers took advantage of the site topography to naturally screen the Public Works functions from the streets and main entrance. Fleet vehicles are located to the rear of the site, and because the site slopes away from the front of the complex, the vehicles and salt storage are below entrance grade level.