York, PA

Project Type
Multi-Level Learning Center

38,500 sf



Crispus Attucks - Early Learning Center

The existing Crispus Attucks (CA) Center building currently hosts a thriving daycare center as just one of the many enriching services it offers the surrounding community. CA is bursting at the seams and worked with LSC Design, Inc. to program and design a new downtown facility for their Early Learning Center.

Locating a new project in downtown York presents a certain set of challenges. Buildings, new and renovated, are subject to Historic Area Review Board (HARB) approval - and LSC believes that good buildings should be designed with context in mind. Zoning in the city is complex and must be reviewed, and sometimes, negotiated. Additionally, parking is almost always an issue in an urban setting. Architectural and Civil Engineering designers worked through these challenges to come up with ‘good neighbor’ solutions.

Childcare projects must also conform to the regulations of state agencies, which prescribe ratios to be applied to classroom sizes, indoor and outdoor play areas, and other program items. Security for the new building is also a priority.